What color is the wallet to attract fortune? Recommended colors for Lucky Wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-15

Many people associate wallets with wealth. When choosing a wallet, color is particularly important. Some of the more taboo colors are best avoided. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what color of the wallet is to attract wealth and gather wealth?

What color of the wallet is lucky

The color choice of the wallet, especially for girls, it is best not to buy too red. Red is a deficit. It implies that you will spend all your money and you can’t save money. , If you are a business person, you will have a loss to the end and lose your money.

Blue wallets are not suitable either. Blue is a symbol of the ocean and means water. Using a blue wallet means that you spend money like running water, uncontrolled and infinite.

Black wallets are liked by many people, whether they are men or women, black represents stability, deepness, and can live everything, including money, which is difficult to lose. If you are a small asset in business , The simple black wallet is the most suitable.

The brown wallet is as stable as black, and it means to bear, but the color is not as strong as black, and the power and heaviness of gathering wealth is not as strong as that of a black wallet.

Yellow wallet is the wallet that many noble ladies like. Yellow is noble and supreme. It is the most true expression of wealth and gold. It can attract wealth and gather wealth. It is the most suitable for those who are pursuing wealth. Now, the yellow wallet will make your wealth fortune go a step further.

How to choose wallet color

Those who are short of gold in the five elements and who prefer to use gold are suitable for purchasing light-colored wallets, such as white, cream, beige, silver, Colors such as gold, so that you can complement the five elements that you lack.

Those who are lack of wood in the five elements and who like to use wood are suitable for buying purses in plant colors, such as green, cyan and other colors.

People who are short of water in the five elements and like to use water are suitable for buying blue wallets, such as light blue, dark blue, and indigo.

People who lack fire in the five elements and who like to use the gods are also suitable for buying red wallets, such as scarlet, rose, vermilion and other colors.

People who lack soil in the five elements and who like to use the gods are also suitable for buying earth-colored wallets, such as yellow, amber, brown and other colors.

How to choose a wallet

I believe everyone has a wallet. Have you ever thought that the wallet will bring you wealth? In fact, the different colors of the wallet will help your wealth. Oh! Generally speaking, black represents calmness and can hold money, that is, gather wealth, and not easily lose money; brown and brown have the meaning of keeping wealth, and can also gather wealth, so many leather wallets on the market have these two colors Mainly; red represents prosperity, is the most lucrative color, but it also means that it is easy to spend money. However, people who are more taboo about these colors are not suitable for using them to attract wealth.

In addition, a wallet can symbolize a person's status, identity and character, so you can't choose too casually, it's best to choose according to your own lifestyle and dress style. In addition to making a choice on the wallet according to budget and preferences, the design and style of the wallet must also be considered. At the same time, when buying a wallet, you have to choose the size of the wallet according to how many things you want to put in it. You can try to fill the wallet with things before buying to see if it fits in your pocket. This is a kind of Very good 'inspection' method, as long as you don't forget to get your things back afterwards.

So don’t underestimate the power of the wallet, it’s better to spend a little thought and choose a wallet that suits you! If you feel that you are not good at this, you can entrust your girlfriend, wife or female partner to go. Pick for you. Of course, if they give it to you, it will save more effort, isn't it?

How to maintain the wallet

When cleaning the wallet, you need to choose a cleaning brush or a clean cotton cloth according to the material of the wallet This is also to ensure that the wallet will not be damaged due to the wrong cleaning method.

If leather wallets are wiped with leather cleaner, the lens cleaning cloth for glasses is generally a cheap and easy-to-use helper. It will not scratch the wallet, and even application can restore the luster of the wallet. And the commonly used pencil and ball-point eraser with gray and white at both ends can be used as a cleaning tool for the suede bag. If it is slightly dirty, it can be gently wiped off with the white eraser used to erase a pencil; serious The dirt can be removed by rubbing one end of the gray eraser of the ball pen. The reason is that the friction is strong, but the hand should be lighter to avoid damage to the wallet.

For cleaning nylon bags and cloth breads, you can gently press the surface of the wallet with a damp cloth that does not drip. Except for silk, silk and satin bags, you can try to clean the toothbrush with toothpaste for partial cleaning. . However, wallets of any material should be kept in a ventilated place to dry after cleaning. Don’t take them to the sun just for quickness, because the wallet after scrubbing with clean water is the most vulnerable when it is exposed to sudden high temperature. , Will cause the wallet to fade or the leather becomes hard and brittle.

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