What color bag to carry in winter is really fashionable if you match it right

by:JIYALI     2021-07-07

In winter, black bags are generally more popular. Not only are they versatile, they are also very resistant to stains. In addition, bags of the same color as the clothes are also a good choice, or choose some brighter contrast colors. It's also very good.

What color bag to carry in winter

—Black bag is the most versatile

Black bag is usually a conservative match for everyone’s choice, because it can basically match everything colour. SO, the black bag must be a must-have item. In fact, whether it is clothes or bags, black is safe and versatile. Generally speaking, the small black square bag is the most practical. It looks good when you carry it cross-body. It is light and convenient, and it is very elegant and high-end. a feeling of.

Second, the same color matching

Some little fairies may feel that the original clothes are already in this color, and the bag still chooses this color, not to look at Does it look very monotonous? In fact, it is not because of the combination of depths and shallows of the same color system, which creates a very elegant feeling for you. If it is a matching print series, you can choose one of the colors to echo it.

Three, bright color bags are more vibrant

Black, white and gray are the most common colors in our wardrobe. When you wear these basic colors At this time, you might as well choose some more intensely colored bags for embellishment.

The vibrant candy color is also very bright with the combination, and it will also play a role in reducing age. If you don't want to dress up particularly conspicuously, then brown and brick red color bags are very suitable, and at the same time appear more calm.

Which color bag is suitable for carrying in winter

1 The red bag looks good in winter:

Most of the winter clothes are darker, if you match it with a red The bag can instantly break this dull feeling, shape the highlights, embellish the body shape, and inject a little passionate vitality. If it is a contrasting color match, it will create a visual impact and attract countless eyeballs for you.

2The yellow bag looks good in winter:

The bright yellow bag is more eye-catching. Whether your dress is a bright color or a dull color, match it with yellow Bags can earn you enough return rate. And yellow is one of the popular colors this year, but it is very popular, with a little playful feel.

3The blue bag looks good in winter:

The blue bag is also a good choice in winter, but such brightly colored bags are not easy to control. , It is more secure to match adjacent color or colorless clothing.

Bag styles suitable for winter

The first style: black shoulder bag

The black bag is the most versatile and can be matched with various styles, For clothes of various colors, you can carry a simple and generous bag in winter, which is very suitable with overcoats and down jackets.

Second paragraph: brown handbag

The brown series of single products are very suitable for autumn and winter. This brown handbag can be carried on the shoulder, and the big bag is the latest A very popular style for two years, it is very suitable for matching with dark clothes in winter.

The third paragraph: suede shoulder bag

The temperature in winter is relatively low, we always like some warm things, so suede bags have become a very popular single For the product, you can choose the color of the velvet bread according to the clothes, which is very textured.

Tips for winter bag maintenance

1. The natural oil of the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or use too many times, so even very advanced leather goods Need regular maintenance.

2. If the suede products are contaminated, they can be wiped off directly with an eraser, and the soft brush can be used to smooth the hair along the direction of the hair quality during maintenance.

3. If the leather bag gets wet by accident, you can use a dry towel to absorb the moisture first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and other things in it and dry it in the shade. Don’t expose it to the sun directly. Makes the beloved bag faded and deformed.

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