What color bag looks good in summer, fashionable bag color in summer

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

Many people use the same bag color all year round, which can actually look very monotonous, especially in summer, we can choose some bright colored bags to add vitality, let’s take a look at which ones are suitable for summer wear Your bag.

Bright yellow bag

The yellow bag matches the summer sun super well. It gives a warm and enthusiastic feeling behind the back. This mango yellow is very popular this year. It is much more versatile than bright yellow. , And there is a unique texture, this bag is relatively simple in design, just complementary to its public color, the beauty is just right.

Fresh green bag

In the sunny summer, a cool green bag is also very beautiful. This super small mini bag is especially popular this year , We can use it with some green clothing items, like this kind of bright color bag, it will look more comfortable with the same color clothing.

Pink bags for girls

Pink bags full of girlish hearts are also indispensable in summer. This kind of light macaron powder really goes well with summer clothes, especially When wearing white or pink, it is full of freshness. This small fragrance bag looks more elegant when matched with this suit. In fact, it is a great bonus to match the bag.

Which one of these three different color bags do you prefer?

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