What brands are available in the Tmall luxury pop-up store? When will the Tmall luxury pop-up store go online?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-02

Recently, a new department has been established under Tmall, which is dedicated to the sale of clothing and bags in luxury goods, and many of them are limited editions. So, what are the brands of luxury pop-up stores on Tmall? When will the Tmall luxury pop-up store go online?

When will Tmall's luxury pop-up store go online?

Tmall has been making frequent moves in the luxury sector recently. Following the launch of Luxury Pavillion, a luxury channel for limited users on August 4, and the announcement of a joint venture with Marriott International on August 7 to operate all of Marriott’s online Chinese official platforms, on August 9, Tmall announced Tmall Space, a luxury pop-up store, is officially launched.

Which brands are available in the Tmall luxury pop-up store?

According to Tmall, Tmall Space will 'from time to time cooperate with luxury brands to launch global exclusive new products, which can target Ali 88 members accurately target the crowd, and provide after-sales service such as brand interaction, 7-day unreasonable return, 48-hour delivery, etc.'. The practice of luxury brands and e-commerce platforms jointly launching time-limited products is not new. For the former, this is a low-cost marketing method that can increase interaction with consumers, test online sales while taking into account brand image; for the latter, irregular exclusive cooperation also helps the platform to maintain continuous The attractiveness of consumers, while accumulating more user data. In view of the speed of the digitalization of luxury goods and the fierce competition of e-commerce platforms, such cooperation has become more frequent in the past two years. Since last year, Net-a-Porter has sold limited capsule series including Gucci, Prada, Jacquemus, Ganni, etc., while the exclusive sales on Farfetch include Manolo Blahnik, Thom Browne, etc.

Tmall luxury pop-up store's first single product listed

The first phase of cooperation with Tmall Space is the brand LOEWE under LVMH. According to information provided by Tmall, the pop-up store will launch LOEWE’s Tanabata style Barcelona handbags for the Chinese market from August 10 to August 19, priced at 15,900 yuan and limited to 99 pieces. This handbag is also limited to Tmall pop-up stores, and offline stores are only for display.

By the way, this year's Qixi Festival also has luxury goods for Mr. Bags for sale limited edition handbags. According to the picture pushed by Mr. Bao’s public account in the afternoon of August 9, this time it is the blue Faye Day handbag of Chloé, a handbag brand of Richemont Group, which is limited to 85 pieces and will also be on sale on August 11.

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