What brand of shoulder bag is the best? Let's take a look at the rankings

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

Shoulder bag is a style that many girls cannot do without their daily collocation. Compared with backpack, it is more suitable for a more feminine dress. Then, when we buy a shoulder bag, which brand is better? What?

Which brand of shoulder bag is the best?

1, LV

LV is almost every MM's favorite brand. I believe many MMs don’t want to eat to save money and buy its bags because The design of LV's shoulder bag is fresh and natural, casual and versatile, and durable. If you don't buy it, you can't regret the choppy behavior of buying and buying on weekdays.

2, Coach

The Coach brand shoulder bag is also very famous, specially made for aristocratic women, exquisite and luxurious, durable, and diverse styles, so choose this brand The bag is also good.

3, chanel

Chanel is a French veteran luxury brand with the characteristics of elegance, refinement and elegance. This brand of bags is also a dream of many women, but the price is relatively delicate, it is recommended to buy within the range of economic ability.


The Gucci brand was founded in Italy, inspired by actors, princesses and celebrities. The bag styles are timeless and classic, and the craftsmanship is also very exquisite. The heart-beating MM can buy this A shoulder bag under a brand.

Shoulder bag brand rankings

1. Sunshine Beauty Bags Shoulder Bags

2. Cats Shoulder Bags

3 , Flower Shop Shoulder Bag

4, Tana Shoulder Bag

5, Maidanni Shoulder Bag

6, Beibao Shoulder Bag

7, Rafistine shoulder bag

8, Yoha Yoha shoulder bag

9, Viti Paul shoulder bag

10. Betty shoulder bag

The most suitable shoulder bag brand for girls

1, KateSpade (Kate Spade): the United States is popular with handbags and shoes The brand is popular in New York with its concise and smart shapes, bright and bold colors, and a lively and interesting life attitude. It is also a frequent visitor of New York Fashion Week.

2, OrlaKiely (OrlaKiely): is a well-known British clothing brand, popular in the fashion industry with its fresh and elegant style; her bag design is also very famous, with a retro feel + modern elements + always Colorful colors are the design style, the most representative of which is OrlaKiely's colorful retro printed bags.

3. Rebecca Minkoff (Rebecca Minkoff): Her bags are not only frequently introduced by American fashion magazines, but also highly respected by a new generation of Hollywood stars. For example, Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan), Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson), etc., almost everyone has one hand.

4. Tory Burch: Originated from the American sports fashion style, it is a practical fashion lifestyle brand, full of vitality and unrestrained feeling, combining classic design elements with modern fashion feelings.

Shoulder bag buying skills

1. When buying a shoulder bag, the first thing to consider is the style. Different styles have different rich features. For example, the flap chain bag can highlight the noble and elegant temperament of MM; the little pig treasure can make MM cute; the mini bag can make MM look simple and generous.

2. When buying a shoulder bag, the second point to consider is the quality of the strap. Because the quality of the strap is not good enough, the shoulders will be tired after a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a shoulder bag first. Shoulder Bags.

3. When buying a shoulder bag, you must consider the color at last. It is recommended to choose a single-tone one, because it is convenient to match clothes. Among them, black is the most versatile, regardless of whether it is matched with super beautiful dresses and cool The trousers are also very suitable.

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