What brand is the Little Monster Bag What is the regular price of the Little Monster Bag

by:JIYALI     2021-06-29

We have heard about the little monster bag on the Internet, but many people want to buy it but don’t know what brand it is, so they don’t know where to buy it, so here is what brand of little monster bag is. At the same time, it will also explain the price and the user's evaluation to help you choose and buy.

What brand is the little monster bag?

The little monster’s bag is the brand fendi Fendi. Several of the Fendi little monster bags are very hot in China, and the prices are relatively expensive. The price of these products is as high as more than ten thousand yuan. The price can also be seen in the picture below, all are more than US$2500, and the price is US$5,300, which is equivalent to RMB 36,600.

Evaluation of the little monster bag

FENDI mother bag: After the old meeting is gone, you need to take him everywhere to play ~Single-shoulder is really inconvenient sometimes, so I consider starting with a double-shoulder, and the backpack is pretty good-looking in the past two years. The schoolbag I bought on behalf of me, although it is a medium size, is not very big~It seems to be 33cm Yes, but fortunately it can be installed. If you want to be your mother’s bag, don’t think about the mini...it’s definitely a small one. I saw FENDI’s lavender purple crystal tail on the shoulders in Shin Kong. They are also very beautiful, but only the mini is the only one to give up. This little monster is a canvas, so it’s very small. Light ~ The weight of the LV leather is heavy enough, not suitable for making a mother bag. I have an MCM, a small size, but I don’t have this to install and there are so many fakes on the street... I really don’t bother to use it

The 520 fendi little monster backpack was ordered by dg before it happened to be received today. The schoolbag is very small and light. The new zipper is not very easy to pull, and of course it is not easy to pull by yourself. It will be convenient for the thief to stay away from the mature lady style. Seeing this little monster, he couldn't help but change his style. I hope it will be cool and cool to take the baby out in the future!

I really love this little fan. The finishing touch is the big red tongue in the little pocket! Seeing it, I really want to turn the little prince in my belly into a small public servant, so that she can playfully carry her mother’s new favorite out of the street

As a pregnant woman, I wanted to accept a big and light mother. I have a microphone bag, but I haven't encountered a suitable one, so I can only use lesportsac. Although this little thing is mini, it has a big appetite. You can usually put it in your backpack. Take it to take pictures of pregnant women tomorrow!

I really like the big charming eyes, so I bought the first little yellow for my husband first to the little white for myself, and then to the last bag , It was out of control again. From then on, the love story that belonged to Xiao Huang and Xiao Bai began. Xiao Huang said with disgust that the rubbing hair on the top of Xiao Bai's head was too ugly, and Xiao Bai angrily said that every word that Xiao Huang said was nice. The little monster bag can hold things very well. The yellow-eyed ones are large men's models. Basically, you can carry everything you need to bring for a short trip. The white-eyed women's models are small, and they can carry everything they need to go out daily. I have seen mothers who take the baby out by themselves and carry this bag. It should be able to carry a lot of things.

I bought Peekaboo when I went to Hong Kong to play with my husband. I also bought a Galeries Lafayette pendant. The total amount is a little over 60,000 Hong Kong dollars. I can't remember the details. The size of the bag is large, and the craftsmanship is different from that of the general series. The leather and craftsmanship used for harness is particularly good. The bag has a large capacity and is more formal, not suitable for use on days off.

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