What bags to go out to play in summer? These bags are born for summer

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

Many girls don’t know what kind of bag they should carry when they go out in the summer. They are actually very entangled in the choice of bags. After all, they must take some beautiful photos when going out. I have summarized a few practical and beautiful bags for everyone!

Straw woven bag

Recently, the popularity of straw woven bag has been high. You can see it in many fashion icon wear and share sharing. I have to say that it is combined with holiday skirts, suspenders, shorts, sunglasses, and silk. The towel really matches a face.

The bag is made of yellow grass and is completely hand-woven. The texture is very flat, and it looks very nice with simple and clean clothes. The chic hollow design is equipped with beautiful arc processing, which looks very advanced. The bag has an inner liner design, so there is no need to worry about the things inside will be exposed.

Beaded bag

Beaded bag became popular last winter, because its retro feel is very eye-catching, there is a sense of grandeur, and winter coat will not be crushed Live the aura. In addition to the white beaded models that many bloggers are carrying, the colorful beaded pouches are also particularly good-looking.

Small and chic square shape, symmetrical and regular flower design on the bag surface, making the bag look full of layers. With a delicate pearly white tone, the fried chicken is easy to match and can be used all year round. The inside is designed with lining cloth, so things will not be seen if they are left in disorder.

PVC bags

This year, many big brands have released transparent plastic bags made of PVC material, which resemble plastic bags and carry the brand logo in black. Although the style is simple, the price is low. Very unfriendly. Even so, it can't stop its popularity, and the trend of having one hand in the street has slowly started. I have to say that it is really good-looking when used to hold fruits.

It is made of transparent PVC material, and a few letters are simply printed on the bag, which is very simple and durable. The bag feels comfortable and soft, and has excellent waterproof and antifouling effects. It is not afraid of getting wet when carrying it on rainy days. Using it to hold fruits and flowers is simply a bigger score.

When choosing a bag for matching, you must choose a bag that is consistent with the style of clothes and accessories to create a more coordinated look.

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