What bags to give girlfriends on Valentine's Day? Valentine's day gift bag strategy

by:JIYALI     2021-06-27

Gifts for girlfriend on Valentine's Day are the most basic. What should I give? Girls like nothing more than bags, lipsticks and other things. So, what bag to give girlfriend on Valentine's Day? What is the best bag for girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day Gift Package Guide


JimmyChoo's Valentine's Day series this year

It’s so pink and tender! ! ! The girl exploded! This series is called 'SweatHeart' simply Mary Su. Each item has a pink base and red hearts scattered around the body. There is also a small, star, and star in the love heart.


Fendi's multicolored rivets

I think it's very cheap when they are on the market. Buy a bag and get a bag for Valentine’s Day. It’s enough to read this (there is a picture of the truth today!)

After putting on a solid-color 'coatBuy a bag and get a bag for Valentine’s Day, just read this article (there is a picture today!) The red series is suitable for Valentine’sday.


MiuMiu has always been a girl’s favorite. Launching the Valentine's Day series is not just about grabbing money! Hearts, birds, flowers and stars, romantic tones + cute graphics are intertwined and set off each other. May I ask, which single product can make girls feel like water?


Dior's badge series LadyDior is definitely a gift for Valentine's Day. These badges are made of enamel, which is really elegant and intimate decoration.

Valentine's day gift matching

1. Chocolate + flowers + western food

A box of Ferrero chocolates + 99 roses, and then go to a romantic western restaurant, Order a steak, pour a glass of red wine, and say some sloppy love words, no matter when, it is enough to move the girl. Basically this is a versatile routine. If Valentine’s Day is not ready, it must be right to follow this process. .

Second, flowers+bags

If you want to send a bag, you need to have a certain understanding of the girl. In the end, which color does she like and which brand of bag? Every girl likes bags and they will love them if they send them in the past. However, if there is no research on women's bags, it is recommended not to send them, otherwise it will be self-defeating.

3. Flowers+jewelry

Yes, this is the most convenient routine. Holding a bouquet of roses, I was so touched when I gave it to a girl, it’s not this time. Knowing where you took out the jewelry box, then opened it in front of her, gave it to her, and personally put it on her, it will definitely make her even more moved.

How to let your girlfriend go on for a long time

1. Responsibility

When you hold a girl's hand, please be serious to her! Holding hands is easy , But to maintain a relationship and to work together for a lifetime requires mutual efforts. A boy must have a sense of responsibility, the sentence I love you, it takes a lifetime to prove it.

2, a sense of security

No matter how many girls are usually a girl, in love, they also need a lot of sense of security. Because I have it, I am afraid of losing. Because I love you, I am tempted, and I long for the one who makes her feel at ease.

3. A good morning and good night every day

Do not ask for many sweet words. If you can say good morning and good night to her every day, it must be the most beautiful love word in your life.

4, tolerance

Love needs tolerance. Two people with independent personalities come together, she has her willfulness, you have your temper, more understanding and tolerance, can go to the end.

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