What bags look good on New Year's Day? The hottest bag styles of 2018

by:JIYALI     2021-07-17

The Chinese New Year is coming soon, are you ready for new clothes for the Chinese New Year? In fact, not only clothes, but a suitable bag is also very important. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what bags look good on New Year’s Day

What kind of bags look good on New Year's Day? These four styles of bags are a must-have item for 18 years. Buy the first trend first, and it is also very good to be a fashion leader!

Plastic bags

Plastic fashion has become popular in the past two years. Whether it is the plastic windbreaker made by Fragrant Granny or the eco-friendly handbag of Balenciaga, this trend has become more and more intense, and it wants to lead the trend of 18 years. Fashion, you must accept one plastic bag.

Golden bag

Retro is the mainstream trend in the world today, and major luxury brands have launched retro-feeling golden bags with soft velvet. And exquisite embroidery decoration, you are the current trend icon.

Box bag

The box bag and the mouth gold bag have similarities, and both are the products of retro fashion. The box bag is more British in style, which can not only create exquisite ladies temperament, but also mix and match various street styles.

Special-shaped bags

Bags have begun to cleverly combine with all kinds of food, utensils and even electrical appliances, all kinds of imagination Lidu was given to the shape of the bag by the designer, making the bag more interesting.

A bag style suitable for New Year’s back

Since ancient times, red and blue have produced CP. The combination of red and blue can always easily bring a visual impact to people. Your sight is involuntarily attracted by it, this bag is just such a charming style.

The simple gray body, the low-key and literary retro fabrics, and the unique feather-like contrasting color decoration, are like the enchanting manzhushahua in full bloom.

This bag uses a mysterious black body with exquisite red floral embroidery details. Whether it is the decoration of the lock or the embellishment of large gems, it is just right Shows a charming retro socialite tone.

How do girls choose bags

Girls who love beauty like to buy bags. According to different clothing colors, styles, and styles, they need to match the corresponding bags to make the overall shape more perfect. A suitable bag can make the mood more beautiful. Girls have a lot of personal belongings. When going out, whether it is shopping, dinner or dating, there is definitely a bag that can not only store personal belongings, but also improve the overall aura and taste of wear.

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