What bags can a sling skirt match? How to match a sling skirt with bags

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

The suspender skirt is a very versatile skirt that can fit any style, and it is also a must for girls in summer. But how much do you know about the collocation of the suspender skirt? Let's take a look at what bags can be matched with a suspender skirt.

What kind of bags can the suspender skirt match?

1. College style messenger bag

This kind of bag gives people an obedient feel, student-like, and very small and fresh. With a simple suspender skirt, it feels youthful. Whether it is a gathering of friends or shopping, it is quite satisfactory.

2. Textured fabric bags

This kind of bag focuses on creating Mori girl temperament, after all, Mori girl's favorite is cotton and linen. The material of the bag can be canvas, which will look more textured if it is thicker. You can choose a logo and pattern with a special style, and the eye-cleaning index will be greatly improved.

3. Pu leather bag with rivets

This type of bag is designed to create a fashionable and street style, and it can also be very handsome in a suspender skirt. If you have a tattoo on your body, you might as well show it, it will give people a cool and a bit cold feeling.

How to match the suspender skirt with bags

1. Gold bag + black suspender skirt + black high-heeled boots

Use beige wool sweater with black suspender skirt , Paired with black high-heeled short boots, put on flesh-colored leggings, with an off-white gold bag, sexy and fashionable, very suitable for small people to wear.

2. Bucket bag + smoky gray suspender skirt + white platform shoes

Wear a black half-high collar bottoming shirt with smoky gray slim suspender skirt, match white platform shoes, and take a A khaki long double-faced woolen coat with a brown bucket bag. This outfit is very temperamental. Girls who are in the style of a tall and cold goddess can give it a try.

3. Clutch + bean green suspender skirt + white shoes

Use a khaki mid-length woolen coat with a bean green suspender skirt, you can use a pick The thin belt is fastened around the waist, which can make the figure look more slender. With small white shoes and black clutch, it is fashionable and exquisite.

4, messenger bag + white suspender skirt + daddy shoes

Wear a green hooded sweater decorated with letters and a white cotton loose suspender skirt with Put on dark green piles of socks, wear a pair of fashionable casual old shoes on the feet, match with a mustard yellow woolen coat, and match with a retro messenger bag. The color of this outfit is very beautiful and very elegant.

What kind of bag does the floral sling skirt match?

1. Casual style

Since it is a casual style, linen, cotton, and canvas bags will be more convenient . The special material highlights the style of dressing. The design of the bag is as minimal or interesting as possible. It can be interesting brush writing or weird and interesting design patterns. In short, it is aesthetically pleasing and boldly memorized.

2. College style

Brown, dark green, burgundy, black messenger bags and Oxford bags are all artifacts to create college style. Wear a bud hat on your head. Wearing a pair of light-colored leather shoes with thin straps, and the small floral slings of cotton cloth create an interesting contrast, each reflecting each other, very interesting, like a girl returning to puberty.

What bag is suitable for the black suspender skirt?

1. If the black suspender skirt is trendy, the brown tassel bag will of course be my first choice. One is dirt-resistant, and the other is good-looking. It's more flavorful than any gorgeous design. The bean paste color is also good for holding a leather bag, but it needs a bit of aura to hold it.

2. Girls who do not have a bag for obsessive-compulsive disorder choose a distinctive fabric shoulder bag, which can also create a small and fresh style. Secondly, the color bag of ordinary PU leather is also a good choice. No matter how bad, if you are not afraid of being suspected of being suspicious of being tender, you can also carry a SpongeBob squarepants beam bag.

3. The proper method is to match the same color and reverse the color, that is, black and white. This way you don't have to worry about color collision. But the all-black match is too lacking in technical content. So the matching method that fits this style is wine red patent leather bag, metallic clutch bag and silver sequin bag.

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