What bags are popular this summer? The hottest bag recommendation this summer

by:JIYALI     2021-07-09

Bags should be something that everyone can't buy enough, there will never be one, and the popular bag styles are different every year, so there is an excuse to buy bags. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what bags are popular this summer?

Trend PVC

How popular is PVC this year? I'm afraid it's a must-have for fashionable people to go out! From the 7000 yuan plastic bag of the CELINE family, we can see that the trend of transparency is still hot. For daily outings, a fully transparent bag may make people hesitate. Then, choose the improved version of 'Fair-Price Substitution

This year's hot PVC, combined with the traditional mother-and-child bag, has both personality and practicality! The appearance is simple and atmospheric, the material is environmentally friendly and soft, and it is waterproof, and the price is high.

Prefer design sense

Are you still carrying online celebrities? These niche crowdsourcing, it is necessary to understand! The uniqueness is not only the shape, but also carries The designer’s aesthetic and attitude, every bag has a different meaning, waiting for you to explore and discover! Want to be different? Then you can’t miss this 'half-moon' bag, half-moon-shaped The tailoring, light and flexible curved lines, contains a different kind of French style!

The clear marble pattern, you will fall in love at a glance, it is hard to imagine that the leather bag can also be so colorful ! Classic buckle bag design, fashionable and versatile, practicality MAX, favorite for detail control.

Practical Trends

The most important thing about bags is, of course, practicality! It is too tasteless to talk about design without cost-effectiveness. Functionality and fashion sense are not partial, it is your wisest choice. This year not only the waist bag is popular, but the chest bag is also very awesome! The black atmosphere is stylish and cool, with the metal shoulder strap, the sense of detail and texture fly together, the best choice for street shooting and concave shape!

The woven bag is the best to highlight the texture! The shape is small and cute, the pattern is meticulous, and the texture is first-class! The small size can hold the essential good things for daily travel ~ super versatile and non-collision style ,Learn about.

The above recommends three different styles of bags, each of which is suitable for use in this summer. All of them are the hottest styles now. Get started. !

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