What bags are popular this spring? Any combination of these three

by:JIYALI     2021-07-09

Bags are definitely a single item that women will never miss. You need to buy new ones every year. The fashion trend of bags has come out this spring. I believe many people are particularly curious. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what bags are popular this spring?

Riveted handbag

Even if it’s the rivet trendy season, you have to build the bag well to make your look more colorful. First of all, the rivet diamond chain bag is of course equipped with rivet shoes, so that you can be handsome to the end. And when paired with knitted sweaters and half-length skirts, it is cool and sultry at the same time.

If you pursue both personality and coolness, why not try this rivet envelope bag! The bag gathers multiple zippers, beer bottle caps, cloth labels, rivets, etc. A variety of rich elements, fashionable and full of fun. With personalized printing long T+ black leather shorts, you can easily play with hip-hop style.

Small square bag

Without a pink bag, how can you be worthy of your fairy identity? This pink sweet wide-shoulder messenger bag, fun and simple cat shape, as a bag The embellishment is full of fun. The personality five-pointed star meets the hot wide shoulder straps, grabbing the spotlight, and simply matching a dress can create a new level of beauty.

In contrast to the wide shoulder strap above, this Indian small square bag uses a champagne-colored hardware chain, coupled with the collision of colors and patterns, whether it is street shooting or On the catwalk, they are quite fashionable.

Mini bag

In this age of looking at faces, the retro lock square bag, the exquisite and atmospheric mini bag, can’t be lost. It is matched with a loose pullover knitted sweater. It is full of retro flavor, and just right, soft and a little lazy.

This retro snake print three-dimensional flower bag, the metal ring on the top can be backed in two ways, whether it is carried or hanging, each has its own characteristics. And when participating in activities, it can also be used as a dinner bag, giving you a sense of luxury right away.

Each bag has its own unique personality. Is there any bag above that has a personality that particularly appeals to you? Just start it if you want!

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