What bags are good-looking and durable These three are worth knowing

by:JIYALI     2021-07-09

Many girls are very entangled when shopping for bags. They feel that practicality and beauty cannot coexist. There will always be one that can’t be satisfied. I can find a few of them for everyone and they are not bad. Let’s find out. Let's go down.

Bucket bags

As you carry a lot of things, you need to carry a large-capacity bag. In the editor's mind, the large-capacity bag with the highest value is a bucket bag. It is like a bucket with a big belly. The ones on the top can be strapped and hand-held, any cosmetics, paper, etc., can be put in without problems.

A very elegant and literary bag. The mouth is a convenient magnetic buckle design, which makes it easy to close the bag. More things can be packed in. The color matching design makes the retro style rich.

Canvas bag

Canvas bag is the most wear-resistant bag, and it can be folded without taking up space. The general canvas bag has a large capacity and is light. Girls who go to school can buy canvas bags, which are very sturdy and can be used to load books.

The large-capacity canvas bag can be hand-carried or cross-carried. The strap is detachable and adjustable, which can meet the needs of most situations. The zipper design of the bag mouth ensures that things will not fall out. There are different pockets inside and outside, and the laptop can also be put down!


Backpack can relieve the embarrassment of high and low shoulders. The pressure on both shoulders is dispersed and the weight is even, neither affects the movement nor feels tired. The backpack is also a very age-reducing dress, whether it is a canvas bag or a leather bag, the back is very academic.

The single and double shoulder style is practical and generous. The bag is decorated with a black and white bear pendant, which is playful and childlike.

These bags are super convenient, and their appearance is absolutely not bad.

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