What bag looks good with a solid color t-shirt? What bag is fashionable on a solid color t-shirt?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

In summer, a clean and simple solid color T-shirt is definitely a very popular basic item. It is super practical, but when we wear a solid color T-shirt, we still need to think about matching it. Let’s take a look at wearing a solid color T-shirt. What kind of bag looks good at the time?

With lv old flower bag

Compared with those large-area printed T-shirts, I prefer solid color Tee in summer, which is clean and versatile. This summer I most often wear this large-profile solid-color T-shirt from COS. At first glance, it may feel plain and unfashionable, but the upper body effect is absolutely perfect!

With canvas bag

This solid-color T-shirt has a large profile design with a street-like look, because my usual style of wearing is biased towards oversize, which can just meet my daily wear needs. The white T-shirt itself is actually clean, so I don't want to match it too complicatedly. It is better to choose a simple color.

With a small black bag

The last one is an all-black outfit, a black T-shirt, black pants and a black bag. In fact, this is what most boys who are too lazy to match will prefer , This is not only cool, but also absolutely not wrong, this summer is actually quite popular this small bag, you guys can come one.

These three bags can be used with solid color T-shirts, so that we are no longer monotonous when we wear solid color T-shirts.

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