What bag looks good with a cheongsam? How to match a cheongsam with a bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-21

Many women like cheongsam very much. It is a kind of clothing with a Chinese flavor. After wearing it, it will look very feminine. So what kind of bag is better when wearing cheongsam?

Which bag looks good when wearing a cheongsam

1. Small round bag: If you wear a cheongsam, you must choose a smaller and messy bag. Like the more popular small round bag, it is worth recommending. It is both fashionable and available Some retro, the key is that there is a retro feel. If the bag has some embroidery, it is better. If you want to be fashionable, you can choose LV metal small round bag.

2. Coin purse: This kind of bag is also suitable for wearing cheongsam. You can choose some small coin purses with flower expansion and compact patterns, which are very cute and delicate in your hand. Cheongsam is also very charming when matched, which can better reflect the elegance and charm of women.

How to match a cheongsam with a bag

Cheongsam is suitable for some small, retro-looking, and full of antiquity bags. It cannot be matched with some of the colors that are too bright or too large. This will destroy the temperament of the cheongsam itself. Without the dignified feeling, it does not look very harmonious and without the charm of the cheongsam itself.

When choosing a bag when wearing a cheongsam, you must pay attention to the style, color, and material of the bag. The style is mainly small, compact, and dexterous. Don't choose large satchels or business bags. The color is mainly matched with the cheongsam. Black and white are more versatile colors; the material can be decorated with tassels or embroidery.

The key points of wearing cheongsam

1 In terms of hairstyle, cheongsam highlights the beauty of oriental charm, so the hairstyle is not suitable for short or long hair. The best hairstyle is panning. Long hair, so that it can highlight the beauty of the charm;

2 In terms of makeup, wearing a cheongsam should be light makeup, not suitable for heavy makeup, light makeup is to highlight the natural beauty of your face by just the right way;

3 In terms of accessories, the combination of cheongsam, tassels, and retro hair accessories is full of charm, and the combination of several typical Chinese elements can highlight the oriental beauty;

4 in jewelry Above, earrings can be matched with pearl pendants when matching jewelry. For necklaces, you can choose jade pendants or fine gold necklaces, which are not eye-catching of the beauty of cheongsam, but also highlight the preciousness. When matched with jade bracelets, they can fully highlight the recognition of the Orientals. Beauty;

5 On shoes, cheongsam is usually matched with black style high heels, which is more stable, especially pointed high heels are more suitable for most styles of cheongsam.

Who wears cheongsam best?

1. From the perspective of age, women in the 30-39 age group like to wear cheongsam most, and they all wear their own The flavor and temperament. From the choice of cheongsam styles, the choice of cheongsam for this age group is generally medium and long. This may be because the medium and long styles are more charming and charming; women under 29 are the main force choosing short cheongsams, and they may be young. I think the short style is more sexy and fashionable; women over 40 are the favorites of the long cheongsam. It is estimated that the long style is more representative of the cultural heritage and more classical.

Second, from the point of view of body shape, the cheongsam worn by a woman with a height of 1.58 meters to 1.72 meters is more fit. The three body types of slightly thin and slender, well-proportioned, plump and plump are the choices for cheongsam. For the vast majority of people, they tend to wear cheongsams with curvy and elegant shapes, which makes their bodies look attractive. The proportion of people who are thin or fat is very small. Being thin can't hold up the beauty of cheongsam's lines, and being fatter destroys the beauty of cheongsam's lines.

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