What bag does a fat girl carry? What bags are suitable for fat girls?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

Many chubby babies choose slim styles when they wear clothes. In fact, if you choose the right bag on your back every day, it also has the function of slimming. For girls who are chubby, choose one. Thin bags are also very important.

Organ Chain Bag

The organ bag can be regarded as the hottest bag in recent years. The organ-like cascading design is like a walking accordion, and the color-blocking design adds a lot of vitality to the retro. There are many layers when you open it, you can put a lot of little things of the goddesses.

The bag is made of high-quality two-layer leather. The accordion's wrinkled design greatly improves the three-dimensional sense of the bag. The intimate design of the two compartments is very good. Improved its practicality. The shiny golden chain shoulder strap is processed by multi-layer electroplating process, which is durable and strong, not easy to break and fade, and the length can be adjusted at will.

Leisure small square bag

A bag full of simple and fashionable atmosphere. This summer, the children of Wenqingfan, I believe they will not miss a wild fetish. !

Striped small square bag, a small box full of fashion trends. Creative dovetail clip design, light gold texture hardware multiple polished electroplating treatment, a strong sense of fashion. The contrast stripes have a retro modern atmosphere, which injects a lot of vitality into the bag.

Single-shoulder messenger bag

A good-looking outfit must be matched with a single product with streamlined elements to match the charm of fashion. The messenger bag is the one that can't be missed. The messenger bag can help your body shape cover a little bit, which is very thin.

Small messenger bag, the space inside the bag is super intimate, especially with a thoughtful front pocket, which expands the storage space. Popular color contrast and fashion printing elements, colorful colors, to meet your different seasons of collocation. Attending a party or banquet is bound to attract a lot of attention.

These bags can make you show a distinctive temperament in ordinary simple wear, without being too eye-catching, reflecting a femininity, Shows a feminine modern feel.

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