What bag do girls carry in summer? Girls summer bags with pictures

by:JIYALI     2021-07-02

In the summer, many girls don’t know which bag to carry is more suitable. A bag that has a summer feel is particularly important, and it also needs to be matched with different summer clothes. Let’s take a look. See what kind of bag can meet these requirements!

Shoulder Canvas Bag

A canvas bag with a color matching design is added, which is both creative and simple. The collision of white and blue is very refreshing. The small animal painting on the bag strap is also Very cute! It can be hand-held on one shoulder. It is thoughtful and practical, and has a large capacity.

A simple canvas bag can also take a versatile route. The bag type of this can hold and beautiful canvas bag is great! Even a notebook can fit it , Very suitable for girls who like big bags. Simple letter printing, good-looking and trendy.

Small small leather bag

Girls who like light and familiar style, it is better to carry leather bags! This small bag is a good choice, with a personalized color matching design. There is no sense of violation at all. The cowhide fabric is very textured, and the detachable strap is more intimate, you can pack two backs!

If you go out and don’t like to carry a lot For the baby of things, a mini leather bag is the most suitable choice! The exquisite bag shape is very cute, and the adjustable strap allows girls to choose one shoulder or crossbody at will. The solid color matching is more suitable!

Refreshing straw woven bag

This refreshing straw woven bag is indispensable in a bag specially made for hot summer! The rattan design is not only cool, but also has a sense of texture~ Beige The woven straw and the brown leather fabric are spliced u200bu200btogether, and the fashion sense is great!

A straw woven bag that is refreshing and has a gentle atmosphere. The tender pink that bursts the girl’s heart, please come to form a pair with a straw woven bag. Not only does it have no sense of contradiction, but also has a fashionable style!

From canvas bags to straw bags In hand, the basic summer outfits can be easily done!

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