What are the ways to determine the style of custom women's bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-21
In the leather processing process of JIYALI for more than 16 years, most of the female bag customers served are basically custom-made styles provided by itself. JIYALI also supports customers to provide styles for mass customization, and can also make samples according to the pictures or design drawings provided by the customers.

During the proofing process, JIYALI will send the color card of the leather sample for the customer to choose. The price of different leather materials is also different. When the customer chooses the leather sample, we will introduce the price of this leather and the proofing to the customer. If the customer is not satisfied with the price of the bag, you can choose a leather sample with other prices, so that the cost of the entire bag can be controlled.

JIYALI has its own sample showroom, and customers can also choose JIYALI's sample styles. Of course, if the customer does not have their own styles and the styles developed by JIYALI cannot meet customer needs, business The staff will also go to other places to collect some styles for customers to customize the handbags as a reference choice.

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