What are the taboos for giving away a wallet? Pay attention to the wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

Wallet is one of the most demanding items around us. There are many taboos on whether to buy or use. Everyone should pay attention to it. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what are the taboos when giving away wallets?

What are the taboos for giving away a wallet?

Generally speaking, it is okay to give away a wallet. Different colors have different meanings.

There is also a saying that it is best not to send a wallet. Sending a wallet usually means that you give your 'money bank' to someone else. If you send a wallet, you should think about it for yourself. Poor? Or serious leaks? Or the money that should be collected can't be recovered in time? Remind you to be cautious when you send your wallet. Of course, there is usually no problem between husbands and wives and lovers, because there are skin-to-skin dating and congeniality.

What does it mean to give a wallet?

Send a boy’s wallet

What does it mean to give a boy’s wallet? This is a question that many friends who send wallets care about. Let’s share with you. In fact, among ordinary friends of the opposite sex, sending a wallet may be an expression of friendship. It has no other meaning. There may be some good wishes for sending money between the elders and the juniors. What about sending men’s wallets? It means that generally juniors send wallets to their elders in the hope that their elders can get rich, prosperous business, and live a prosperous life, while elders send wallets to juniors in the hope that they can have a very good habit since childhood, which can lay the foundation for a happy life in the future. basis. What does it mean to give a boyfriend a wallet during a boyfriend’s time? Especially when a girl gives a boyfriend’s wallet, the meaning inside may be more profound and intriguing. It may express a kind of hope that the boyfriend will The monthly salary is put in the wallet given by the girlfriend, not for other women.

Send a girl's wallet

What does it mean to send a girl's wallet? Many people are concerned about this issue. Many boyfriends will buy a cute and beautiful wallet for their girlfriend. Some people will understand that boys are willing to be girls' wallets and can pay for whatever they like. Others will understand that they hope that girls can get rid of the problem of spending money and make their lives more prosperous in the future. There are many meanings of giving a girl’s wallet, but as long as it is a gift, you don’t have to think about the meaning of giving so much. A beautiful and practical wallet is available. Should you care about other issues? But some are going to send a girl’s wallet. Please pay attention to the boys. Generally, pink and light yellow are the colors that girls like. Sending such a wallet can also win girls' peace of mind.

Do you want to put money in your wallet as a gift?

The first one is that you don’t need to put money in, but simply send a bag.

The second one is to put it, how much? There is no definition. It’s $8, 99, or 12.

The third type has a special meaning. If you want to express love, you can 521, which represents love.

How to maintain the wallet

Method 1: Cleaner for ordinary stains

This is the most common method, and a mild soap solution for daily cleaning and maintenance is sufficient After using it, apply the cleaner evenly on the wallet with a damp cloth, then gently wipe it, and finally wash the foam on the wallet with clean water, and then dry it with a dry cloth. This method is the simplest. And it's very practical.

Method 2: Use a care cream to solve the abrasion

If the leather is worn out, you can apply a non-greasy colorless leather care cream, let it penetrate slowly, and then use it Polishing with a clean and soft cloth can make the leather regenerate its bright luster and prevent the leather from drying out.

Method 3: Smooth and scrub hard

The cleaning of cowhide is very simple, just use cotton cloth or wet wipes to clean it, because cowhide bags are generally rough in texture , It is easier to enter impurities, just need a little force to smooth and scrub.

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