What are the sizes of Bulgari Snake Head Bag? Bulgari snake head bag size introduction

by:JIYALI     2021-06-30

The Bulgari Snake Head Bag is very beautiful. This bag is not very complicated in design. The snake head decoration is very low-key and luxurious. It is also very popular among celebrities and is very good with clothes. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what sizes of Bulgari Snake Head Bags are available? How about the size of Bulgari Snake Head Bag?

Bvlgari snake head bag size introduction

This Bulgari Serpenti snake head bag has three sizes, small 20x15x3.5cm, medium 22x13x5cm, large 28x19x7.5cm, you can choose according to your height! Bulgari has a long history as a jewelry brand, and there has been no popular arrogant product in the bag industry. Until the autumn and winter of 2012, the 'Serpenti' series of bags turned out, and Bulgari finally took possession of it in the famous bag shop. A place. Get used to all kinds of hand-held, one-shoulder bags, simple and comfortable dress for the cool summer, and you need a bright small bag to add points to your totallook, then the Serpenti messenger bag can become your decisive point. Compared with the tens of thousands of bags, Bulgari's snake head bag looks more impressive. The brand's iconic snake head buckle is matched with calfskin or rare leather materials. The delicate chain is simple but not simple. . It is worth mentioning that Bulgari's snake head bag is quite rich in color, and it is bound to become a trend item that street fashionistas and celebrities love.

How about the Bulgari Snake Head Bag

The Bulgari Snake Head Bag has been popular for a long time, but the white color is not very easy to buy! Because it only comes out once a year, the picture is double The chain medium snake head bag can be double-stranded or single-stranded but cannot be cross-body. The size is 28*19*7.5. The leather of the snake head bag is really delicate, the only thing is to be careful when you use it, scratching your nails will leave marks. But because she is so good-looking, so ignore this imperfection in perfection! Every snake head bag has a small mirror, a dust bag, and a small card, but I think the best thing is that it comes with the bag. Little raincoat! The best design, you can put it on immediately when it rains.

The medium double-stranded snake head bag is finally weeding. It deserves to be made of jewelry. The snake head is very delicate, and the inner inner layer of the snake head is also very good. The film is reluctant to tear off Up. After choosing it for a long time, the counter has been out of stock. This color is desert quartz. It has a gentle effect in the sun. It is matched with a gold chain and is suitable for a gentle woman's appearance.

Today 520, my wife is celebrating the holidays, I secretly bought a bag in advance as a gift! Hehe! As soon as I took it out, I was scolded and scolded, but she was scolded, but she was still very excited! Wow haha! I have been paying attention to this for a long time, and I have been entangled with green and red, thinking that summer is coming soon, a touch of green still makes people feel very fresh! I will save the red one until next time. The leather, color, chain, etc. of the bag are super exquisite, super perfect, and very good!

Bvlgari brand details

In 1879, Sotirio Bourg Li's family immigrated to Naples, Italy. In 1884, he opened a silverware shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of exquisite silver carvings. Italy's Bulgari is the world's third largest jewelry brand after Cartier in France and Tiffany in the United States. Bulgari uses color as the essence of design in jewelry production, and uniquely uses a variety of different colors of gems to match and combine, and then uses different material bases to highlight the dazzling colors of gems. Bulgari is bold and unique, noble and classic. Balance also combines classical and modern features, breaking through the rigorous rules of traditional academic design, and creating the unique style of Bulgari inspired by Greek elegance, Italian Renaissance and metallurgical technology in the 19th century. Bulgari originated in Italy. While inheriting classics and eternity, it also bears the responsibility of inheriting Roman civilization. Today's Bulgari is no longer the Bulgari silverware shop that sells silver carvings in Italy, but is based on bold color designs, selecting the world's colorful precious gems, and according to the base of different materials, With different inlay techniques, it is no longer bound by the materials of early European jewelry.

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