What are the requirements of the leather bag factory for the design of the customer's drawing processing

by:JIYALI     2021-05-12
Leather bag factories generally support customers to process with samples and drawings. For sample processing, after the customer has determined the materials, the leather bag factory can produce samples according to the sample design. Regarding customers who process with drawings, this situation is more complicated than processing with samples, because customers have higher requirements for processing with drawings, and they pay more attention to the details that need to be displayed on the design drawings, which requires in-depth discussion.

The leather bag factory attaches equal importance to the processing of customers' drawings or samples. For the processing of drawings, we need the design drawings provided by the customers to clearly understand the details of the leather products, and we must also communicate with the customers to determine the sample materials. For us, we can produce them, but there are some customer design papers. If you can’t express it very clearly, then we have to communicate with spend more customers in this regard. For design bags of women's bags, the leather bag factory most hopes that customers can send vector files, especially for some pictures that need to be printed.

Of course, the leather bag factory also has the corresponding technology to extract the pictures in the picture. Processing with samples and drawings, as long as the customer can communicate with us in all the links and ensure all the details, there will be no problem.

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