What are the co-branded collaboration series between Coca-Cola and the fashion circle? Unexpectedly good-looking

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

In the fashion circle, joint collaborations can be said to be rare and weird. There are hundreds of thousands of joint ventures launched in less than a year. When it comes to doing things, I only serve COCA COLA! A brand that sells carbonated drinks always wants to get into the fashion circle and do things. Below, the editor of No.5 will introduce to you what Coca-Cola and the fashion circle co-branded series? Unexpectedly beautiful.

What are the co-branded series between Coca-Cola and the fashion circle?


PINKO LOVE BAG, at first glance, it really means a Bacchus bag! PINKO has also collaborated with COCACOLA? That’s right! These two seemingly unmatched brands have collaborated together!

PINKO X COCA COLA LOVE BAG, the charm of Pinko’s popular trend and COCA COLA street fashion fusion, just capture the pulse of today's fashion, maintain the LOVEBAG bag shape and the classic lock of the little swallow, the bold collision of the elegant bag shape and the energetic and funny COCA COLA, full of strong street style,! How can you miss it if you love to drink and cute?

Of course, this series is not only PINKO's master Huadan LOVE BAG, but also the clothing category is also hin street, hin is cool, hin wants it!


Every piece has the classic Coca-Cola letter LOGO on it, and each piece demonstrates PINKO's perfect interpretation of Coca-Cola's classic pop culture elements.


Ronnie Fieg, who is the 'big cousin' of the trend, did not collaborate with his old partner New Balance this time. It is his personal brand KITH and COCA COLA to create the co-branded Converse classic Chuck Taylor 1970s.

KITH x COCA COLA x CONVERSE Chuck Taylor 1970s keep this Converse shoe shape, the upper is embroidered with the red logo of 'COCACOLA' in English, and the KITH logo is also highlighted, creating a strong brand Cooperative attributes.

Don’t even say, these two collaboration models are really a bit like liposuction cola! And they are also very attractive, with a T-shirt, hot pants, and jeans, they look very good!

Moreover, the classic CONVERSE Chuck Taylor1970s has attracted much attention as an evergreen shoe. Such a joint collaboration is bound to increase its collection value. I can only say and buy it and cherish it!

Street brand series


Do you sound a bit strange to STEREO VINYLS? In fact, it is a very popular Korean fashion street brand. It really likes to cooperate with major brands, but none of them are really good-looking! The entire series of STEREO VINYLS XCOCA COLA's co-branded collaboration models are small and fresh, and the style Adhering to the simple fashion style of STEREO VINYLS.

The simple street style of Coca-Cola classic logo, Coke bubbles, Coke cans, and Coke bottles combined with STEREO VINYLS has become different, with a strong Korean street atmosphere.


Please note that the apes are here! Popular brand A Bathing Ape and Coca-Cola's new co-branded series BAPE X COCACOLA has been rushed as soon as it was launched The series mainly creates trendy items with red, white and black as the main colors. It not only includes traditional hooded sweaters and T-shirts, but also introduced single products such as hats, squares and aprons, which greatly enriched the entire series. .

The co-branded series is designed with 'Ape Man Drinking Coke' as its main design. It combines the classic BAPECAMO camouflage pattern and the Coca-Cola logo. Some items are printed with camouflage patterns combining the names of two brands in different languages. The entire hipster circle has fallen!

Another IT brand that cooperates with Coca-Cola is Fingercroxx. Unlike BAPE, Fingercroxx X COCACOLA chose dark as the main color of the joint name, and applied black and white to it. All the items in this series include practical household items, and the products are very comprehensive.


The popular Canadian backpack brand Herschel Supply Co must be familiar to everyone, but you know it will Has the money-making Coca-Cola joint name come for a cross-border joint name?

They launched a total of three styles: Chapter Travler Kit, Lawson Backpack and SparwoodDuffle bags. The material is made of environmentally friendly PET plastic bottles. This coincides with Coca-Cola's environmental protection philosophy.

The language used on the whole bag is 'Coca-Cola'. The whole bag looks very young and energetic, and also very trendy! You see here, you don't want to come with one and Is Converse's joint collaboration model?

Is this series a bit like the recently popular LV X Supreme series?

Sports brand series


Today, when adidas coconuts and NMD are popular, how many people remember the original topic technology Climacool of adidas? In fact, as early as 2002, COCACOLA and adidas Originals launched the joint Climacool shoes.

COCA COLA X ADIDAS ORIGINALS CLIMACOOL1 adds Coca-Cola's signature big red to the classic Climacool mesh shoe body, which makes everyone who see it impressed.

Fashion Week Brand Series


This should be the most fashionable Coke. In 2009, Coca-Cola invited the design of the Milanese fashion brand MOSCHINO. The teachers have redesigned the packaging for COCA COLALIGHT and designed a series of supermodels in the Coke world!

Moschino’s design has always been creative and childlike, except for health. Yi Coke and ordinary can coke were also redesigned by MOSCHINO and put on an interesting coat.

The charm of Coca-Cola is really not to be underestimated. No wonder so many trendy big names will take the initiative to give and take! COCACOLA must be the best money maker in the beverage industry. It’s not too late to cooperate with the joint name, and the beauty is still so high! I finished this article with a coke, have you been fanned by the Coca-Cola circle?

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