What are the cheap and easy-to-use trolley cases suitable for student parties?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-25

To travel or go to school, you must buy suitcases, which must be large enough and easy to carry. So what are the cheap and easy-to-use trolley cases suitable for the student party?

The trolley case suitable for the student party

Aivos universal wheel trolley case

Luggage for both men and women. With dual digital compartments, both computers and iPads can be accompanied. The customs code lock with three sets of codes makes the luggage safer~ high-quality alloy rods, silent aircraft wheels, widened and comfortable handles, affordable and easy to use, especially suitable for business people.

Aivas universal wheel trolley case (hard shell)

30% capacity expansion, don’t worry about too many things to fit. Multi-layer storage bag, classified storage, convenient and practical. The expansion layer is designed with hidden straps, so you can take out your ID without opening the box.

Aihuashi Business Backpack Computer Bag

It can be used as a computer bag, school bag and travel backpack. The design is simple and generous, made of microfiber, wear-resistant, cold-resistant, and soft in texture. The S-shaped shoulder strap makes the bag fit the back more evenly and more comfortably. The trolley fixing strap can fix the bag on the trolley case, reducing the load on the road.

Samsonite SIGMA trolley case

The color is bright, light and fashionable. Scalable, amazing capacity. Super-suitable trolley case for student parties~20 inches can be used as hand luggage for boarding, and 24 and 28 inches need to be checked in.

Samsonite RED series VOY backpack

Leisure fashion backpack endorsed by Lee Min Ho~Super suitable for student parties, light weight, large capacity, diversified pocket separation Design, making computer bags, school bags, travel backpacks are all good choices, blue/m/red/black are available in four colors.

DWIRAY one-shoulder laptop bag

Single-shoulder laptop bag with stylish appearance and various colors. There is a computer protective cover inside, which forms a suspended space with the outer edge of the bag, which is super shockproof. The capacity is large enough not only to store the computer, but also to place textbooks, documents, stationery, etc. in the extra space.

Macpolo students’ hit color trolley case

Classic color contrast design, blue and white, pink white, purple and white, blue rose red, rose Red and white...Ice cream-like colors, beautiful luggage. The canvas texture is truly anti-wear and anti-scratch. The editor also loves this trolley case, the purple and white and blue and white are simply beautiful~

TO mother and child style trolley case

One large and one small, mother and child style luggage, the small box can be placed and fixed on the big box. Silent universal wheel, customs lock, capacity expansion, strong material. The small box can also be used as a makeup box, which is very suitable for sweet sister paper.

Northern Love Trolley Case

The design of the universal wheel can change the driving direction at will, and the rotation is more smooth. Equipped with brake wheels, mom no longer has to worry that my suitcase will inexplicably drop into someone else~ A variety of candy-like colors, beautiful appearance, and affordable, especially suitable for the student party who is about to enter the university.

Samsonite PASHA universal wheel soft trolley case

The ultra-light luggage weighs less than seven pounds, which is only equivalent to the weight of two MacBookAir. Regardless of its small size, it has a large capacity.

360-degree universal wheel, sliding freely. There are three models of 21/25/29 inches, red/blue/black are available in three colors.

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