What are the characteristics of customized women's bags?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-22
What are the characteristics of custom handbags? JIYALI is a manufacturer specializing in customized women's bags. Long-term accumulation of experience and design and patterning of women's bags make JIYALI your best choice for custom-made women's bags. The women's bags produced by JIYALI are fashionable and bright in color. Today JIYALI will talk to you about the craftsmanship of custom handbags.

Ladies bag craftsmanship: The craftsmanship of the top master-level ladies' bags, whether it is from the cutting of the cowhide or the positioning of the car line, it is very necessary to complete the craft.

Features: 1. Bag corners: It is made of super fiber which is more wear-resistant than cowhide. When the bag is often placed on the desktop, it is not easy to peel off the edges and corners of the bag. Protect the bag for longer use. 2. Hardware material: Use the best German alloy steel that is not easy to decolor and not easy to age. Makes the bag more luxurious. 3. The inner cloth of the body: the stitching of each inner cloth is firmly sewn. The following points summarize the content of a good custom-made handbag: 1. The technical level is extremely high, and it must be completed by a top-level handbag custom-made master. At present, the master who can complete all the processes is very rare in China. 2. Extremely time-consuming and energy-consuming. 3. The price is expensive.

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