Visit the major leather processing manufacturers in Guangzhou

by:JIYALI     2021-05-19
Because of business needs, the editor is fortunate to follow some of the leather goods industry senior staff to visit some of the major leather processing manufacturers, mainly to understand the development and communication of the leather goods industry and doing business.

The scale of leather goods processing plants varies. There are a few small workshops with more than a dozen people, and there are also large factories with thousands of people. Each company has its own way of business. The current development of the leather industry is a big background. It’s also a great pleasure to go down. In leather factories, the most common ones are busy workers on the production line. It can be said that this is a characteristic of leather goods processing factories, especially in some large factories, where there are a series of sewing machines and high cars. , Selvedge cars and computer cars are operating here, and the operator’s meticulous attitude and occasionally smiling and communicating something, sometimes you will forget that this is in a leather goods processing factory, and it feels like a big family. .

In smaller leather processing factories, it can also be said that they are leather workshops, mainly relying on orders from large factories for their livelihood. They are relatively busy, but the profits are indeed the entire leather industry link. The lowest link inside, so they don't have a large bright factory building, usually in the back room of a store or rent a relatively cheap rental house, the equipment is not very complete, and more rely on manpower to complete the work tasks. What they fear most is that suddenly there is no such hard work, because without hard work, there will be no orders. Large and medium-sized factories have now begun to develop and work in two directions. On the one hand, they are still working hard to take more foreign orders and make OEMs of luggage and bags. On the other hand, they are focusing more on the innovation and construction of their own brands. According to the leather goods manager, many of his friends now have turned their attention to the domestic market. For various reasons, the foreign order market has not been very prosperous. In the future, the real strong demand for luggage is still in the huge domestic market. Their company It also focused its main energy on the domestic market, and began to enter the e-commerce field.

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