Vietnam's textile industry seriously harms the environment

by:JIYALI     2021-08-17
According to a survey conducted by the Hanoi University of Economics in Vietnam, the textile and garment industry in Vietnam is one of the most waste-producing industries in the country. This article comes from textile resources. Please enter the textile resources directly in the browser to view it.     Most of the waste is generated from the dyeing and finishing and weaving departments of the textile and garment industry. Because dyeing and finishing fabrics consume a lot of water, and the fabrics will produce a lot of fiber cotton when weaving. Therefore, the industry has put forward pollution prevention and control requirements for the dyeing, finishing and weaving departments.     What is worrisome is that more than 65% of Vietnam’s total wastewater comes from the textile and garment industry. There is no relevant treatment method so far, and it is currently causing pollution and harm to the environment.     In terms of foreign exchange income and production, the textile and garment industry is one of the largest industries in Vietnam.
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