Uzbekistan creates huge development potential for the cotton industry

by:JIYALI     2021-08-13
The 4th Central Asia International Textile Machinery and Technology Exhibition-CAITME2008 is being held in Uzexpocenter, Uzbekistan.   Uzbekistan’s focus is to promote the country’s cotton processing industry and expand the demand for the latest technology in textile production.   The organizer of this year's fair is Uzbekistan ITE, and 130 companies from 17 countries participated in the fair. Compared with last year, the exhibition area of u200bu200bCAITME 2008 has increased by 1.6 times, and the number of exhibitors has increased by 1.4 times.  Business people are very interested in the products, technology and the latest equipment on display.   Uzbekistan is one of the main participating countries in the world cotton market and the fifth largest cotton producing country in the world. The scale of cotton exports ranks second in the world, but its cotton processing industry is also developing rapidly. At the opening ceremony of the trade fair, Shamsiddin Sultanov, President of Uzbekengilsanoat National Securities Company, said: The arrival of advanced technology and the latest equipment should help Uzbekistan gain huge potential, increase efficiency potential, develop into a big country, and expand textiles with high added value. Export while maintaining the development priority of the textile industry.   Uzbekistan has attracted more than US$1 billion in direct foreign investment, mainly in the spinning industry.   Uzbekengilsanoat SSC members mainly produce cotton fiber processing, and the number has expanded from 152 in 1995 to 30,000 in 2007.   It is predicted that the domestic processing capacity of the textile industry will reach 750,000 tons of cotton by 2012.   In 2012, 79 projects will be implemented, with an investment of 614.6 million US dollars, and 3.62 job opportunities will be created.   After the implementation of these projects, the cotton fiber processing capacity will be increased to 510,000 tons in 2012, the cotton yarn output will be expanded to 407,100 tons, the fabric output will be 31556 million square meters, and the fabric unit will be 275.6 million.  According to the government's decision, enterprises that have joined the zero-tariff arrangement can import production and processing equipment, parts and other products tax-free, excluding the payment of customs clearance fees.   Therefore, the popularity of this trade fair is very strong, especially foreign machine sellers.   European companies make up more than half of the exhibitors and they are very active in trade fairs. German and Italian production companies are actively participating.  Many Western European manufacturing companies believe that today Uzbekistan is becoming a major potential market for textile production equipment (spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing). The demand for finishing equipment is greatest, followed by spinning and knitting equipment.   Due to the initiative to strengthen business ties with textile companies in Uzbekistan, China’s major textile engineering companies have decided to establish a national industry benchmark. Including providing the most equivalent solutions for Uzbekistan.   Another novelty is the silk production equipment, including winding and winding equipment, which was first shown at the exhibition.   Such a comprehensive industrial machine appearance at the exhibition provides an opportunity for the Uzbek market to learn about many new products.  Exhibitors believe that the textile industry will attract a lot of investment, and the textile industry will have the ability to concentrate on promoting modern development.  In turn, the comprehensive national policy of Uzbekistan's cotton processing industry allows the textile industry to be regarded as a tool to promote the overall economic development of the country.
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