Under what circumstances the leather goods manufacturer cannot accurately quote

by:JIYALI     2021-05-27
When a customer is looking for a leather processing factory to customize a bag, the first thing he cares about is the price of the bag. When consulting, he will directly send a product picture and size to follow the customer service quotation at the reception, but they do not know that there are several cases that cannot be calculated. Accurate price, which is also unspeakable for many leather goods processing factories, is not that they don't want to give customers a quotation, but can't start. So under what circumstances will the leather goods manufacturer be unable to quote accurately?

1. Provide a simple front view of the product

When the customer only provides the front view of the product, the leather goods manufacturer cannot calculate an accurate price. Even if the quotation is provided, it can only give the customer an estimated price. First of all, we don’t know what price of leather the customer needs, and the internal picture of the product is not clear. In this case, the leather manufacturer will not be able to judge the complexity of the product, so that the material used in the entire bag cannot be accounted for. Follow the loss of bags.

2. I don’t know which style I want to customize.

This happens more frequently in the case of customer consultations on the phone, and some customers don’t know what they are. Custom-made styles are required. In this case, the customer service must give an approximate price. No matter the price is high or low, there will be a big gap from the price you imagined, so there is no way to continue to negotiate smoothly with the leather goods manufacturer. Up.

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