U.S. Organic Cotton Production Trend: Expanding Organic Cotton Planting Area

by:JIYALI     2021-08-03
According to a survey conducted by the Organic Cotton Trade Association (OTA) in 2007 (sponsored by the Cotton Cooperative Organization), the area of u200bu200borganic cotton planted in the United States increased by 14% compared with the previous year. A survey of organic cotton farmers in California, Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas showed that the area of u200bu200borganic cotton planted this year was 6,786 acres (including organic upland cotton and Pima cotton), compared to 2006 The annual area of u200bu200b5,971 acres increased by 14%. The farmers surveyed predict that in 2008 will continue to expand the area of u200bu200borganic cotton planting, an increase of 883 acres compared with 2007.  The survey also found that cotton farmers harvested 8,116 bales of organic cotton in 2006, which is 16% less than the 9,630 bales in 2005. Respondents said that weather factors and limited irrigation water resources are the main reasons for the reduction in production.  The survey also showed that the price of organic upland cotton in 2006 was higher than that in 2005, and the average price in 2006 was between US$0.85 and US$1.25 per pound. The price of equivalent cotton in 2005 was between US$0.80 and US$1.05 per pound. In 2006, the price of organic Pima cotton was between US$1.65 and US$2.09 per pound, but there is no comparable data in 2005.   The questionnaire was sent to 49 respondents in 7 states, and 14 farmers sent back surveys that fully met the analytical criteria (that is, they planted organic cotton in 2006). Six other farmers said that they did not grow organic cotton in 2006. The farmers surveyed also stated that there are a series of strategies that can promote the long-term sustainable economic development of organic cotton farms in the United States. These measures include continuing to provide subsidies for traditional varieties, more organic cotton education through supply channels, and stabilizing demand and prices.    Organic The mission of the Cotton Trade Association is to promote and protect the organic cotton trade, which is beneficial to the environment, farmers, the general public and economic development. OTA's vision is to increase the importance of organic cotton products in daily life, improve people's living standards and protect the environment. The organic cotton trade association focuses on the North American organic cotton trade group. OTA has more than 1,600 members, including farmers, processors, importers, exporters, distributors, retailers, inspection and certification agencies, etc.
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