U.S. Department of Commerce suspends anti-dumping investigations on Vietnamese textiles

by:JIYALI     2021-08-05
The US Department of Commerce recently announced that it has decided not to initiate anti-dumping investigations on clothing from Vietnam for the time being. Since the beginning of this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce has been monitoring the number of Vietnamese clothing imports. The US Department of Commerce stated that after a fair and objective analysis of the data in the first half of the year, it found that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the product was dumped in the US market. The US Department of Commerce assessed the import data of five categories of Vietnamese clothing from January to July 2007, including trousers, shirts, underwear, swimwear and sweaters. Among the 486 10-digit tariff codes, 317 did not have imported products from Vietnam, and the unit prices of products in the remaining several codes all increased. The U.S. Department of Commerce compared the unit price and the quantity of imports with similar figures from other suppliers, and finally concluded that there was no sufficient evidence to prove the existence of dumping and no investigation was required. In September 2006, the Bush administration pledged to Senators Dole and Graham to systematically monitor the quantity of textiles and clothing from Vietnam during Bush's remaining term. If it believes that there is a dumping situation, it will initiate anti-dumping investigations on behalf of textile manufacturers. . ,
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