U.S. cotton mills used 4.23 million bales in March

by:JIYALI     2021-08-14
The National Cotton Council reported on Thursday that the seasonal adjustment rate of cotton consumption in US textile mills in March was 4.233 million bales (480 pounds), which was lower than the 4.781 million bales in the same period last year.   Cotton consumption in March was lower than the 4.527 million bales in February. The Cotton Council of the United States revised downwards its February cotton consumption, and last month reported a figure of 4.699 million bales.   In addition, the US Census Bureau reported that the daily cotton consumption in March (5 weeks) after seasonal adjustment was reduced to 15,594 bales, which was lower than the 16,632 bales in the previous month (4 weeks). Cotton consumption is lower than the 17,611 bales of the previous year.   The unadjusted daily consumption of cotton in March (5 weeks) totaled 16,060 bales, which was lower than the 17,069 bales in February.   Cotton consumption in the whole month of March increased to 401,486 bales, which was higher than February’s 341,370 bales and lower than last year’s figure of 461,388 bales.
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