Turkish Fashion Fair will debut in London

by:JIYALI     2021-08-06
In this year's textile fashion exhibition arrangement in Europe, the Turkish fashion fabric exhibition-Texbridge London will be the first to appear. This exhibition will allow buyers to see some of the fabrics produced by advanced Turkish textile factories. The exhibition will be held from February 5th to 6th, and a variety of fabrics from some of Turkey's advanced textile factories will be displayed. The exhibition location is Brompton Hall, Earls Court.   The organization of this fair is ITKIB (Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Association). The scale of the fair is moderate, making it easy for buyers and retailers to find the exhibits they need.   Buyers will have the opportunity to browse and purchase 2009 spring/summer products and 2008/09 autumn/winter products. In the textile industry, Turkish textile mills are the most technologically advanced companies, and they can respond quickly and flexibly to the exclusive requirements of customers.  TTFE provides buyers with a comprehensive range of products, from innovative fabrics to basic products.  The opening hours of the fair are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from February 5th to 6th. Free drinks will be provided at 12 noon and 2 pm every day.
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