Turkey's first LV sparks new and old culture

by:JIYALI     2021-08-05
LV's first global concept store in Istanbul, Turkey LV's first global concept store in Istanbul, Turkey opened last weekend, Czech supermodel Eva Herzkova, wearing LV's new spring and summer woolen coat, with transparent Chiffon and silk-satin fitted skirt, carrying the new Vernis Sunset clutch, wearing the new honey-colored Gina sunglasses and monogram lucky bracelet, full of spring breeze LV girl. Turkey's new LV store is located in the most historic Sisli district of Istanbul, on the prosperous and advanced Abdi Ipekci street. With the new window design to welcome the New Year and Valentine's Day and the new series of LV, it weaves the culture of conflict between the old and the new era. color. LV President Ives Kassel, Eva Herzkova, and LV Advertising Vice President Anton Arnold made their appearance together to cut the ribbon for the opening of the global concept store in Istanbul. Anton Arnold is the work of LVMH President Bernard Arno Son, his appearance has the shadow of his father. Vice President of LV Advertising Department Anton Arno (from left), supermodel Eva Herzkova, and LV President Ives Kassel Eva Herzkova. The most famous commercial that has ever been filmed is Victoria Secret Wonderbra. Baby, was also in swimsuit magazines from 1997 to 1999. From 1993 to this year, Eva has been on the global boutique shows, and has been on the covers of major fashion magazines in Europe and America. Her popularity has lasted for 15 years. It is still a popular top model.
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