To find a custom leather wallet manufacturer, you need to know the following custom process

by:JIYALI     2021-05-19
At the end of each year, more and more customers are looking for manufacturers to customize leather wallets as business gifts and promotional items. During the process of customizing wallets, customers will require their own company's LOGO to be printed on the wallet, and according to their own requirements Change the color, fabric, size, etc. The regular minimum order quantity for custom-made wallets is more than 100. If it is a style that the manufacturer has been making for a long time, it can also be customized in a small amount. Then, what is the process of custom-made wallets?

1. Choose a wallet manufacturer. Before custom-made leather wallets, customers will collect some professional wallet manufacturers, understand the advantages of the manufacturers, and choose strong suppliers. Secondly, if the customer is a real sample, he can send the product to the manufacturer for quotation. If there is no sample, you can choose a wallet that suits you from the style provided by the manufacturer, or let the wallet manufacturer design it according to your ideas.

2, confirm the wallet style. After confirming the style, the customer can start to discuss the details of the wallet customization with the manufacturer, such as the material, size, color, quantity, and final confirmation details of the LOGO; after confirming the unit price and quantity, you can request the manufacturer to produce pre-production samples before production. The proofing time is generally 5-7 days.

3. Confirm samples and produce bulk goods. After the customer confirms the sample, sign the contract and pay the deposit; if the sample fails to pass, you can re-communicate the modification items for proofing for the second proofing. After the sample is confirmed, the wallet customization contract is signed and the deposit is paid, and then wait for the mass production to be completed. The production cycle of the goods is generally 15-20 days. Customers can also go to the wallet factory to inspect the goods or directly call the manufacturer to express the bulk samples to confirm. After the quality is passed, the remaining payment will be paid to arrange the delivery.

The above description of the wallet customization process is based on the three aspects of wallet customization. It is simple and clear. Enterprises can learn from it and do a better job of checking wallet customization. JIYALI will also fully support it. Complete with cooperating enterprises.

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