Tips for leather goods manufacturers to choose leather

by:JIYALI     2021-05-13
I believe that many leather goods manufacturers have very high quality requirements. Especially in recent years, as people’s needs continue to increase, they have high requirements for leather goods, both in terms of style and quality. , This also makes leather manufacturers pay more attention to the source, that is, the choice of raw materials. So what are the tips for choosing leather? 1. Look at the type

Generally speaking, leather is divided into two types, one is genuine leather, which is the general term for all natural leathers. The main ones we commonly use are pig leather, cow leather and sheep leather, horse leather and kangaroo leather. Wait. In addition, some small amounts of fish skin are also used. The other is leather that imitates the real leather by man-made, which is what we commonly call artificial leather.

Second, look at the characteristics of leather manufacturers also said that if you want to choose a real leather, then you need to start from its characteristics, first of all, we can touch it with our hands, if we feel The leather surface is smooth, soft and plump and elastic, so it can basically be determined as genuine leather. The artificial leather is astringent and rigid, and the surface flexibility is also very poor. In addition, when choosing leather as a leather goods manufacturer, you can also make a better choice by smelling it. Generally speaking, real leather has the smell of leather, while artificial leather does not have these smells, but has a smell of plastic. The above are some tips for leather goods manufacturers to choose leather, hoping to make it easier for you to choose leather.
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