Three standards for high-end leather goods and gift customization factories

by:JIYALI     2021-05-08
More and more companies choose customized leather goods as year-end gifts. Customizing a bag printed with your own company's LOGO is not only fashionable and atmospheric, but also has a propaganda effect on your own brand. Therefore, choosing a leather product with fashionable design, good workmanship and consistent with your own brand appears to be very good. It is necessary.

Then the question is, how to choose a strong manufacturer of customized leather goods and gifts? The following is an introduction to friends who have leather customization needs.

First, look at the brands that have been served. If you have served some large leather processing manufacturers, there should be no big problems. For example, JIYALI gift customization manufacturers with 15 years of leather customization experience, such companies can safely customize in their homes. Leather gifts.

Secondly, look at product design. Since it is a customized luggage, you must print your own corporate LOGO. In other words, customized leather goods are the second image display of the company as much as the company's external print advertisement. Therefore, the design of leather goods must be high-end and elegant, and the most important thing is to be consistent with the company's own brand connotation. A properly designed leather product, coupled with the company's own LOGO display, can maximize the bonus points for the company's brand communication. Therefore, the design of luggage must be the top priority. Of course, the ability to demonstrate the strength of a company depends on the product categories of the luggage customization manufacturers. The more product categories covered, the stronger the design strength of the company. And companies that cover a full range of products such as business bags, casual bags, briefcases, handbags, shoulder bags, etc., like Hongfeng Leather Custom Manufacturers, are naturally the industry leader.

Thirdly, it depends on the workmanship and materials. A properly designed leather goods should naturally be displayed with suitable fabrics, otherwise, if there is a quality problem, the corporate brand will definitely be out of grade. And some small leather goods processing workshops and small leather goods processing factories cut corners in product workmanship, and even purchase some luggage materials that are harmful to the human body. Such luggage can only be used to discredit the corporate brand. Therefore, it is better to spend more money to choose some powerful brands than to discredit the brand due to small losses.

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