Three key points that foreign trade companies can't ignore when looking for leather goods factories to process OEM

by:JIYALI     2021-05-24
Most of the foreign orders in Asia are from South Korea, Japan and other places. Users in these two countries like to come to find leather goods foundries. The labor and material costs in China are much lower than those in their countries. Come to China Finding a leather goods manufacturer to process the OEM can save about 10-20% of the production cost, but there are some freight costs and customs duties. However, there are three main points that cannot be ignored when looking for a leather goods manufacturer to process customization.

1. Must find a professional and formal leather processing factory. The factory must have a business license and other relevant information certification, a professional design and Ru0026D team, and a mature processing team. This is the most basic requirement for products in each country. The inspection standards are different, especially for imported goods. The inspection is strict, so manufacturers must meet the production standards.

2, the leather processing factory is best to find the experience in related export products, after all, the experienced leather processing factory can guarantee the technical level, so that both sides The cooperation will be very smooth.

3. For leather goods factories that can issue value-added tax invoices, foreign trade companies will ask for value-added tax to be added to the quotation when they look for leather goods manufacturers.

The above three points are the three key points that cannot be ignored when choosing leather goods manufacturers. Customers in Korea and Japan value the quality of products very much, and they also need to be strictly controlled in terms of quality.

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