There must be a quality standard when the leather goods factory produces leather goods

by:JIYALI     2021-05-16
There is a standard for everything we do, and the leather factory is no exception. When the bag is produced, a standard is also required. Only by following the standard can there be no mistakes in reaching the standard. Sometimes it may be more than what we plan to do. it is good.

Whether it is a well-known leather goods brand at home and abroad, it pays great attention to product quality, especially first-line leather goods brands. When looking for OEM leather goods factories, the factory will have special personnel to check the products. When the goods are delivered, there will be random inspections by quality inspectors. When the goods are sent to the leather goods company, there will be a special quality inspection team to inspect the finished products one by one. It can be seen that the first-line leather goods brands are very strict in the control of product quality.

Of course, these first-line leather goods brands are also a standard for product quality. For example, car line workers, according to the style of the product, the margin of the car line is also different, and the side of the general car line The distance is generally 0.75cm, 7-8 stitches per inch. When the chain window is used, the wire at both ends of the chain window cannot exceed 4 stitches, otherwise it will affect the beauty of the bag. Therefore, the standard is very important, and each job is different. All positions have corresponding production standards.

With the production standards, the leather goods foundry will follow the production standards. If the standards are reached, the finished products produced by bags will basically have no quality problems. Even if there are quality problems, the probability is small and small. , So production standards are very important.

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