There are requirements for applying for an export license to the EU

by:JIYALI     2021-08-16
The notice pointed out that after the Ministry of Commerce's 'Measures for the Monitoring of Partial Exports of Textiles to the EU in 2008' was promulgated, bilateral monitoring and management of 8 categories of textiles exported from the EU will be implemented from January 1, 2008. After several months of operation, the overall situation is good, but there are also individual companies that failed to comply with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Commerce to apply for licenses and declare for export. The ratio specified in the Regulations for Issuance of Export License Documents or the Chinese certificate applied for was not used in customs declaration in China. The Ministry of Commerce was included in the list of punishments for textile export licenses exported to the EU, and the application for textile export licenses exported to the EU was suspended Qualification has affected the export of enterprises. For this reason, all export companies must strictly follow the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Commerce on the 'Regulations for the Issuance and Issuance of Textile Export Licenses to the EU' to apply for the EU textile export licenses, and increase the utilization rate of the licenses. The Chinese certificate must be declared for export within the validity period of the certificate to ensure the normal export of the 8 categories of textiles in the EU.
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