The white leather bag has turned yellow, is there a way to recover it, what should I do if the white leather bag has turned yellow?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-24

Bags are one of the clothing that everyone usually wears. There are many styles and colors of bags. White bags are favorites of many people. They are classic and versatile, but they are not very resistant to dirt. White leather bags can turn yellow. Try to wipe clean.

Is there a way to recover the white bag that has turned yellow?

Wipe the white bag with white toothpaste, squeeze it with a clean wet towel, and wipe the yellowed area on the bag. Then wipe the yellowed part with a clean wet towel and wipe with a dry towel, you can find that the white on the white bag in the yellowed area is clean again. Put the expired hand cream and face cream on the towel, wipe the yellowed area of u200bu200bthe white bag, and then wipe it with a damp towel. Use Fengyoujing to wipe the yellowing of the colorful packaging bags, and use banana peels to wipe it more natural and environmentally friendly. Use a computer cleaning care agent to scrub or buy a professional leather scrubbing agent to scrub.

What should I do if the white leather bag turns yellow?

1. First find a clean and soft cloth, drop the wind oil essence on the leather bag, and then gently wipe the yellowed bag with a soft cloth The part, the white bag can restore its original color.

2. Squeeze the white toothpaste on a wet towel, wipe the yellowed area of u200bu200bthe bag, and then wipe it with a clean wet towel. You will find that the yellowed area of u200bu200bthe white bag is as white as new again Up.

3. Squeeze a little hand cream or face cream on the towel, wipe the yellowed area of u200bu200bthe white bag, wipe it several times, and then wipe it with a wet towel, you will find that the bag has turned white again Up.

The above method is suitable for bags that have just turned yellow. If they have been yellow for a long time, it is difficult to recover. Generally, they can only be replaced with new ones. If it is a more expensive bag, you can go to the brand after-sales service. repair. Pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance when you usually use the bag, it will not be easy to turn yellow.

What should I do if the white bag turns yellow after washing?

The yellowing of the bag after washing is due to the use of alkaline detergents. After washing, the rinsing is not thorough, and it is dried in the sun and washed. After that, it was not caused by excessive acid.

Washing method: 20 liters of cold water, add 30 ml of sodium hypochlorite, and then put the entire bag in the water; the soaking time is not less than three hours, and it should be turned over every half an hour to achieve uniformity; after soaking, Put it into acidic water for neutralization. After dehydration, wrap the whole body with pure white toilet paper to absorb residual moisture; it is best to dry it under ventilation or a fan to avoid yellowing.

Note: Leather bags can only be scrubbed, fabric bags can be washed directly, and pu bags are recommended to be cleaned according to the above method.

The maintenance method of white bag

The production of leather bags should be cherished, and usually pay attention to not being scratched, not being rained, and not being polluted by stains, which are the most basic Common sense of leather bag maintenance. Leather goods should not be exposed to the sun, just hang them in a cool and dry place for ventilation. When not in use, it is best to store it in a cotton bag, stuffed with some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the leather bag. Before storing, you can apply petroleum jelly on the leather surface, apply all the leather bag with white lip balm, and wipe it with a paper towel to remove stains and wax.

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