The wallet processing factory teaches you how to clean and maintain your wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-05-08
Wallets can be seen everywhere in our lives. Because of their fashionable style and durability, they are very popular and favored by the public. We can improve the durability and lifespan of the wallet through proper maintenance. According to the suggestions we give, your wallet will be refreshed, clean, and the service life will be greatly extended.

First of all, before cleaning the wallet, we need to take out the items in the wallet, especially the photos and certificates, so as not to be damaged during the cleaning process. Then, use a soft cloth to pour some leather cleaner and gently wipe your leather wallet. Focus on wiping folds and wrinkled areas, where more bacteria will be hidden inside. In the last step, the cleaned leather wallet surface can be maintained with leather conditioner or expired emollient oil, so that your wallet can look new.

This is JIYALI's advice on how to clean and maintain the wallet. JIYALI is a professional manufacturer of leather bags and leather wallets. Customers who need customized bags and leather wallets are welcome to consult.

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