The volume and price of polyester FDY bright silk in Shengze market have risen again

by:JIYALI     2021-08-09
In the recent period, the overall performance of the polyester yarn market in Shengze and Jiaxing has been calm. However, FDY bright yarn has gone out of a small volume increase in price. Among them, the polyester FDY bright yarn 50D market is active. Since the Spring Festival in 2008, driven by heavy trading volume, market quotations have been rising several times. On March 8th, Shengze Zhizhi Textile Factory has raised Dayouguang FDY by 100-200 yuan, and individual tight varieties have been raised. Up to 300 yuan T. Several chip spinning companies in Shengze have also made follow-up adjustments. At present, the transaction price of FDY50D center is around 14,500 yuan/T, and the highest price on the market for better quality has reached 14,900 yuan/T. Breaking down the reasons for the recent increase in the market volume and price of FDY bright yarns, the author found through investigations that the main reasons are as follows: First, the demand for bright yarns in warp-knitted and weft-knitted fabrics has increased recently, and Changshu, Shaoxing, and Cixi Knitting Dayuan In the short term, the demand for glossy filaments for machines has increased significantly, and their demand is mainly DT75D and FDY75D. Second, the price of the polyester slices in the upstream of the glossy filament grade has also risen, and the market for glossy slices is in short supply; the third is Shengze The five-piece satin and lightweight fabrics in the cloth market are on the market in the low market. Satin and related flash fabrics sell well. The downstream weaving has increased the enthusiasm for the production of flash fabrics. Objectively, the bright demand for FDY has formed a concentrated increase stage; 4. It is the interweaving of FDY bright silk and nylon yarn to produce nylon-polyester fabrics, mainly bright FDY150DD/84F. Therefore, today the spinning mill has been raising the quotation of bright FDY150D/84F from 13,000 yuan/T last week to This week's 13100 yuan/T. In addition, the downstream demand of FDY lustrous coarse yarn 300-600D is not bad, one part is used to produce decorative cloth, the other is used to produce Oxford cloth for luggage, etc. The current price of 300D silk is 12,300 yuan/T.   At present, the entire FDY Dayouguang series product market is backed by demand, and the market trend can be said to be proud of the spring breeze. It is expected that the demand for FDY luminous filaments will continue to rise in the future, and some low-priced products will have a steady upward adjustment of market requirements.
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