The Turkish government prepares to import Sudanese cotton to make up for the domestic gap

by:JIYALI     2021-08-05
Recently, the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Committee (DEIK) held a meeting in Istanbul on January 22 to discuss the establishment of trade relations between Turkey and Sudan.   Turkish Minister of Agricultural Affairs MehdiEker said at the meeting that Sudanese cotton has an important position in the world. Turkey is a major cotton producing country, but currently lacks high-quality cotton for the production of textiles and clothing. Now Turkey hopes to benefit from Sudanese cotton.  The Minister of Agriculture also mentioned that importing Sudanese cotton will help the textile industry fill the cotton gap currently facing.   MrMehdiEker said that agriculture is one of the pillar industries of the Sudanese economy. Turkey is ready to cooperate with other areas that Sudan plans to develop at any time. The two countries have established healthy economic relations in the past eight years.   Statistics show that in 2006, Turkey’s investment in Sudan was approximately US$220 million.
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