The textile industry in Tamil Nadu, India, has severely regressed

by:JIYALI     2021-08-07
On Monday, a top industry organization warned that if the power outage is not resolved, the textile industry in Tamil Nadu, India will be forced to cut production or close some factories, causing hundreds of thousands of workers to lose their jobs.   In a statement, Dr K V Srinivasan, President of the Southern Textile Mills Association of India (SIMA), said that the number of power outages in summer may increase by 25%, textile production may decrease by 20-25%, and some companies are facing closure.   He said that the textile industry is still facing a serious labor shortage and high transportation costs, so the situation is even worse. Some companies have to cut production by 20%, and other factories are likely to follow their example.  Many companies converted or sold, and some companies have closed. Most of the new projects, expansions and renewal projects have been shelved because of the severe setbacks of the textile industry in the state.
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