The small CK Chinese Valentine’s Day limited gift box is on sale tonight, connect beautiful memories with love ribbons~

by:JIYALI     2021-10-29
Qixi Festival is approaching, the new protagonist of CHARLES u0026 KEITH Tanabata will debut sweetly. This year's Qixi Festival limited gift box contains a shoulder bag, a headphone bag, a silk scarf, hot crimson encounter double heart lock, and love ribbon to connect beautiful memories. The upper body picture of the star is already available. It is simple and versatile without the silk scarf, and the silk scarf adds a sense of sweetness, and the silk scarf has a variety of ways to create a variety of atmosphere: CHARLES u0026 KEITH Qixi limited gift box will be at 20:00 tonight Online on the official website, APP, Tmall flagship store! Friends who are in need of gifts or those who grow grass by themselves, remember the time to buy them. 'Heart' Gravity Qixi Gift Box Charles u0026 Keith flagship store to buy
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