The sixth process packaging of leather processing

by:JIYALI     2021-05-16
In the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth processes of leather processing, we talked about the details of the various steps of the cutting shovel and the oil side table parking space. Then we need to explain the final packaging of the leather processing.

The detailed description of the leather processing and packaging process is as follows:

1. To clean leather, choose different cleaning materials according to different materials and colors to prevent stains on the material surface.

2. The tag of the handbag is usually hung on the right front of the bag, usually on the handle or shoulder strap. If the handle and shoulder strap are movable, they are hung on hardware (such as square buckle, D buckle) ) Or the sixth package of the end of leather processing on the pull card.

3. The stuffed paper needs to be flattened. After stuffing the paper, the shape of the whole bag must be fully exposed, such as: pulling the bone, burying the bag, etc.

4. When wrapping handbag hardware, avoid direct contact with the hardware with your hands as much as possible, and you need to wear gloves.

5. The cleaned finished bags should be packed into boxes or boxes according to customer requirements.

6. Packed bags need to be divided, color separated, and placed to the boxer.

7. Pack in the box according to the specified quantity, first weigh the net weight individually, and weigh the whole box as the gross weight after entering the box, and check the quantity according to the weight.

8. The packing quantity must be checked with the packing quantity at any time, and the packing quantity must be checked with the production line bag quantity at any time, that is, the quantity of packing in a shift is recorded, and the packing quantity of the same shift Check, count down the quantity of packaging in each shift and check the bag out of the production line to prevent the trouble of returning to the box when the error is found.

9. Before sealing the box, put a square plastic bag inside the box, and put 2 to 4 packets of 2 grams of moisture-proof beads in the plastic bag.

The above is the introduction of the sixth process packaging at the end of leather processing. At this point, the entire process of bag production is completed.

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