The second tender for textile exports to the U.S. starts

by:JIYALI     2021-08-12
The reporter learned yesterday that the Ministry of Commerce has issued the 'Announcement on the Second Agreement Tendering of Textiles Exported to the United States in 2008There will no longer be quota restrictions on textiles exported to Europe this year. Instead, a one-year bilateral monitoring of 8 types of textiles will be implemented. From January 1 next year, there will be no quota restrictions on textiles exported to the United States.   It is understood that Fujian's textile exports rank sixth in the country, and Europe and the United States are the top two export markets for textiles in our province. The export to the United States 200/301, 222, 229, 332/432/632A(B), 352/652, 359S/659S, 363, 443, 447, 619, 620, 622, 345/645/646, 666 categories Implement performance distribution. The competent commercial departments of all regions will collect the application reports and electronic data of the operators in their regions and submit them to the Ministry of Commerce before April 30.   A person from the Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation stated that this is the last performance distribution of textile exports to the United States. In the future, it is expected that only a small amount of unallocated or unused shares will be temporarily tendered. According to regulations, companies that have achieved a certain scale of export performance to the United States in the relevant category can participate in the performance distribution of the corresponding category. It is reported that textile companies should submit applications as soon as possible according to the number of applications that can be applied for, and truthfully fill in the company’s 13-digit import and export code or Chinese name and other data, corresponding to the following three situations: 1. A company with more than two customs codes (companies under each customs code) The same name); 2. Different enterprise names under the same customs code; 3. Different enterprise names, different enterprise customs codes, but the same 13-digit import and export enterprise code, and if you need to apply for the combined calculation of the quantity that can be applied for, you must contact the local business The competent authority submits an application for the combination of the applicable quantities, and at the same time issues a copy of the business license, import and export enterprise qualification certificate or foreign trade operator registration form or foreign investment enterprise approval certificate, a copy of the customs declaration certificate and other related certified documents. However, if the company has not passed the performance verification, and the related category's export performance to the United States has been zeroed from January to July 2007, the corresponding category of the company will not participate in this allocation; the company whose export performance is still under review from January to July 2007 If you do not participate in this allocation for the time being, the number of permits that can be obtained will be retained, and it will be determined whether the company can participate in the allocation based on the results of the verification.
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