The relationship between bag coloring and zodiac

by:JIYALI     2021-05-25
For the Chinese, red is a color full of all auspicious signs. Everyone wants to buy a red bag when the new year comes. As a result, the collision rate of red bags in the New Year is particularly high...

In fact, I understand that everyone wants to buy a bag in the New Year to be prosperous. I understand, but must everyone be suitable for red bags? That's not necessarily. What is going wrong? That is the interaction between the zodiac and the color.

Although most Chinese people who adopt the zodiac date are atheists, they have unusual beliefs in the zodiac.

The folks believe that animals in the zodiac should be classified as Yin and Yang and correspond to the five elements. Each element in the five elements is mutually restrictive and will have a significant impact on human life. . People can use different elements of the five elements to coordinate, so that their life and the work they are engaged in can go as they please.

Today, the editor is 'superstitious

This year, red and orange are very prosperous colors for most zodiac signs. For pigs, the prosperous color in the birth year is red, so 'pig Babies' may wish to start with red when choosing a bag this year. Tigers, dragons, and sheep can start from the orange color, which is equally eye-catching and not easy to hit the bag!

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