The problems that most people will encounter when looking for leather goods manufacturers to customize their bags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-24
Many customers will encounter some problems when they look for leather goods manufacturers. 90% of the problems you encounter will also encounter them. So what is the problem? The following editor will tell you in detail.

The first thing most people ask for the leather goods manufacturer is the price of the bag making. Of course, each leather goods manufacturer’s price is different, so 90% of people will be entangled in which leather goods factory to choose. In fact, this problem is solved well of. If you don’t have the actual product, if you send a photo to the leather goods manufacturer for quotation, there must be a big gap in the price, because each factory looks at the picture and calculates the price of the raw material, and the quoted price is also different, but the processing fee is roughly the same. of. Of course, if you have the real thing, you can send the real thing to the leather goods manufacturer for quotation. The price difference is also there, but the difference is not as big as the quoted price. As for choosing a good leather goods manufacturer, you can't just look at the price, but also the strength of the factory and the quality of the finished products. If these qualifications are all met, then this factory is definitely the best choice.

Of course, when 90% of trading companies choose a leather goods manufacturer, they will ask the leather goods manufacturer to fill in the information about the factory. This does not prove whether the leather goods manufacturer has the strength and quality. Is there a guarantee? If you want to choose a high-quality and cost-effective leather manufacturer, you have to go to the field for inspection or proofing. 90% of customers will mind the high proofing fee. As long as you have read another article about proofing fee written by Xiaoxiao, you will know how high the cost of a separate proofing is.

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