The Prime Minister of Pakistan presided over the discussion on the strategy of expanding textile exports

by:JIYALI     2021-08-17
According to a report from the Associated Press of Pakistan, Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani hosted a meeting a few days ago to discuss the strategy of expanding textile exports. The heads of relevant ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Textile Industry, Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Commerce attended the meeting.   The secretary of the Ministry of Textile Industry reported on the situation of the textile industry and the measures taken by the Ministry to increase exports.   Prime Minister Gilani said that the textile industry is the pillar industry of Pakistan’s industry. Improving the quality and output of cotton will help strengthen the competitiveness of the textile industry and promote textile exports. He asked the Ministry of Textile Industry to prepare a comprehensive plan to increase cotton production to meet domestic and export needs based on the opinions of the private sector.  Statistical surveys show that in the past two years, Pakistan’s cotton consumption has far exceeded domestic production. The cotton supply gap is about 4 million bales. There is a shortage of high-quality cotton, which requires a large amount of imports.
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